About National Surgical Corporation

national surgical corporation - consumables, surgical instruments, shelving to hospitals National Surgical Corporation (NSC) is an import manufacturer in the healthcare industry, distributing surgical instruments, consumables, equipment and shelving all major hospitals and healthcare facilities throughout Australia. Our extensive product range can be used by all specialist disciplines and departments within a hospital, day surgery or other healthcare facility.

NSC was founded in July 1998 with the merger of 3 interstate companies and expanded in July 2000 to become a national organisation with representation across all States and Territories.

NSC aims to actively seek out innovative and cost effective products that offer expansion for the company to grow as a major contributor in Australian health care market. NSC prides itself on providing excellent customer service from all levels of the organisation.

2018: Celebrating 20 years supporting our customers

2018 marks the 20 year anniversary of NSC becoming a national organisation. We are very proud that we have been able to work with our customers in most Public and Private Hospitals across Australia during this time. This has allowed our company to grown and lay the foundations to provide ongoing support to our customers. We pride ourselves on the fact that we provide value beyond the product to our customers and aim to support our customer’s needs whenever required. 

NSC product range

NSC provides product ranges in two different categories: surgical devices and consumables; and shelving and storage solutions.

  • Wound drainage systems: Privac-Low, Privac-High, Privac-Mini, Privac-Reinfusion, Privac-Tvac and Surgiblake silicone channel blake drains
  • Electrosurgical range: electrosurgical/diathermy pencils and electrode tips, return electrode/electrosurgical plates/pads, smoke evacuation pencils, Stingray smoke evacuator
  • Operating theatre consumables: Pulsed lavage system, Skin stapler and skin staple remover
  • Surgical instruments: Medicon surgical instruments, BOB economic range surgical instruments
  • Laparoscopic instruments: PEI Gold and PEI Blue laparoscopic instruments
  • Cleaning and sterilisation products: Sharn cleaning brushes, cleaning instrument protection products, CSSD accessories, sterilisation trays and baskets
  • Protection products: Clear Choice eye and face shields for CSSD personnel
  • Patient comfort: Medichill ice and heat packs, EyeGard™ patient eye protection, Vacuform patient bedding
  • Shelving & storage: shelving systems, trolleys, compactors, chrome wire baskets, high density storage systems (Pegasus), hospital carts

Our extensive product range is available for all specialist disciplines and departments within a hospital including:

  • Operating theatre
  • CSSD
  • Recovery and wards
  • Day surgeries
  • Infection control
  • Outpatient clinics
  • Storage room
  • ICU
  • Medication rooms
  • Medical clinics, private clinics, doctor's rooms

NSC team

NSC has 20 employees based around Australia which focus on all areas of Australia. 

The major shareholders and founding members of NSC are Trevor White and Jeff Church, located in Adelaide and Sydney who oversee the operations of the business on a daily basis. The Directors have over 25 years experience each working in the hospital and health care industry and have built strong customer relationships in these areas.

We have experienced Sales Representatives that service all States and Territories and are available to assist you with any enquiries, quotations, inservicing and advice you might have relating to a product or specialty. Please see the Contact Us page for direct contact information of NSC Account Manager.

Our free call 1800 customer service number is available to assist you with any enquiries relating to purchase orders, products and delivery advice. Located in Sydney and Perth, the customer service team is available throughout the day from when the east coast begins its day to when the west coast finishes its day.

NSC Customers

Our customers are our most important asset and NSC endeavours to provide a personalised customer service experience for our customers. NSC aims to provide the highest level of customer service to the Australian market. We are proud that we have built and continue to maintain, solid relationships with a view to be of service to our customers and suppliers. At all times we are professional, honest, ethical and reliable. Please see how we offer a difference to our competitors here.

Our major customers for our consumables, surgical instruments and equipment are Public Hospitals, Private Hospitals, Private Day Surgeries and other independent Healthcare companies throughout Australia. Our Shelving and Storage solutions are a major focus to major and minor hospital redevelopments, upgrades, fitouts and can also be sold to customers in other areas such as food and beverage, warehouses, retail, commercial and hospitality. Our expertise in the healthcare industry has assisted NSC in developing the shelving business in hospitals.