Choose a reliable wound drain supplier who can supply you entire wound drain requirements

NSC have the entire range of wound drainage systems including low vacuum, high vacuum, reinfusion, silicone 'blake' drains and penrose capillary drains

Your current inventory may include multiple versions of wound drains that have the same functions and perform the same requirements.

NSC can undertake a wound drain audit on your current stock levels then determine where you can reduce your costs and inventory levels

Let NSC support your change and reduce your department costs. We will:

  • Provide you with a cost comparison to see how much your hospital can save
  • Provide you with a dedicated Account Manager to manage the process
  • Discuss & present the product range to the Clinical Product Advisory Board 
  • Demonstrate how the product works with surgeons, theatre/ ward personnel
  • Give you support from the entire organisation
  • Provide Supply/Procurement with ordering and pricing information
  • Be with you when the product is delivered and ready to trial
  • Provide a detailed inservice and training schedule to suit your needs

NSC will be available to assist staff at any time. We have extensive education and inservicing material available

NSC is a reliable supplier that can provide you with the entire range of wound drains. Let an Australian company support you and tick all the boxes along the way. 

Our range includes (click on the image for more information): 

Privac-Low Privac-Tvac Privac-High Surgiblake
Privac-Mini Surgiblake-Bulb Privac-Reinfusion Penrose drains

To arrange a visit with a NSC Account Manager - please Contact Us here