6 reasons why you need to get a new CSSD packing table

All sterilisation departments need to have a packing table to run the CSSD efficiently. Here are 5 reasons why you need to get a new CSSD packing table:

1. Saves your back

Having an electric or battery height adjustable lifting legs allows short and tall CSSD technicians to work in the same department without any back problems.

Simply press the button to lower or increase the height of the table (750mm - 1400mm) to suit your working height

2. You can assist local Australian manufacturers

NSC height adjustable tables are designed and manufactured in Australia, which means you are supporting our local economy

NSC is also an Australian owned and founded company

3. It will outlast you in the CSSD dept

The height adjustable tables are manufactured in 304 Stainless Steel which means they are strong and durable

The tables will still be around and working, even after you have retired

4. It will fit in any sterilisation department

Worried about space?

Because the packing tables are made in various sizes and made to order they can fit in any sterilisation department, even small ones!

If you have a large sterilisaton department, then place the workstations behind each other or next to each other for greater efficiency. This also lets you chat to your colleagues whilst working.

5. Lets you spread out 

The CSSD tables provides a large work area to allow your technicians to get the job done on a single working surface.

Adding rear shelves, underbench shelves, baskets allow you to store packing essentials within reach. 

Magnifying lights let you see what you are packing and make sure they are correctly cleaned and ready to go!

6. Assists your department in meeting OH&S standards and workplace practices

These tables can assist in meeting AS4187:2014 standards by providing a work surface that is easy to clean and maintain as well as being height adjustable.

The packing tables also allow you to enable safe work practices without potential damage to the products being cleaned. 

Look at what you could have in your CSSD department = 

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