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Medichill Cool Cube ice and heat packs

A practical and economical benefit to hospital wards that can put a smile on your manager's face as well as your patients.

We all know the benefits of cold therapy, but if you are currently using ice, frozen saline sachets, wet towels or other methods, you can save time and money by using Medichill Cool Cubes ice and heat packs, a professional solution that provides BETTER PATIENT OUTCOMES & IMPROVED STAFF & WARD EFFICIENCY

  • Reduces risk of cross-infection
  • Reduces OH&S risks to staff
  • Reduces time wastage
  • Reduces costs
  • Reduces storage space needs

Medichill Cool Cubes Peri-Pads utilise harnessed water that provides effective cold therapy (ice pack) once chilled or frozen. They are safe, easy to use and AUSTRALIAN MADE to quality standard ISO9001. They are also TGA registered.

Find out how Medichill can reduce hospital costs vs ‘hospital-made’ cold therapy (ice packs)

Medichill key areas of use (hospital/healthcare/medical):

Maternity/Birthing Centres - Product to use: Perineum Cool Cube pads

A patient and hospital-driven solution for post episiotomy and general perineum soreness after childbirth. A cleaner, less staff intensive & a more efficient method for providing comfortable pain relief. New mothers love them as they are easily applied while providing great comfort.

Maxillofacial/Dental - Product to use: Dental/Facial Cool Cube pads and Head Cover

A comfortable, low profile, lightweight and natural solution for pain relief and swelling reduction after extractions or any maxillofacial surgery. Patient can self-apply. The head covers can also be purchased without the Cool Cubes.

Orthopaedic Post Op and Rehabilitation - Product to use: Ice Bandage (instead of Cryo/Cuff)

A very large and flexible 46 x 22cm Cool Cube sheet. Ideal for ACL tears and post operative procedures like arthroscopy, knee and hip replacements. Effective when used for rotation of ice and heat during rehabilitation process.

Hospital Emergency Departments - Product to use: IP43 Cool Cubes

Ideal alternative to analgesia for patients awaiting treatment. At a size of 22 x 13cm this Cool Cube sheet has the ability to treat a variety of soft tissue inflammations, joint injury, ligament injury and sprains, which represent a large percentage of all presented cases.


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