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Catheter laboratories (Cardiac cath labs)

NSC has a range of storage solutions ideal for catheter laboratories in hospitals or other healthcare facilities

Providing secure and durable storage of expensive and various sizing catheters is essential for cath labs and NSC can provide various options for this storage.

The range of storage and shelving solutions provided by NSC will improve organisation of stock, assist in stock rotation and reduce your department costs

These systems include the Pegasus open frame rack with retractable catheter hooks or catheter boxes; Apollo carts; catheter cabinets, catheter trolleys and chrome wire catheter baskets. All of these storage systems can be incorporated into an overall solution specific to meet your cath lab storage requirements.

  • Catheter storage cabinet


    Options available:  

    Catheter storage cabinet - ideal for cath labs/ theatres

    Securely store and organise catheters
    Retractable hooks can be installed on specially made catheter shelves
    Hooks can be pulled out to see and remove/place catheters as required
    Easily view catheters and increase organisation with labelling systems
    Install on existing cabinets or new builds (within design specifications)