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Operating theatre & ward organisation

The range of operating theatre organisation products includes essential items that can assist in the organisation of cords, cables, tubing, catheters and drapes to reduce hazards to operating theatre personnel

Peach clamps/drape clamps, TubeMate clip and Cable Jacketz are ideal not only for the operating theatre but can be used in all areas of a hospital or healthcare facility to ensure greater organisation of cables, drapes, cords on theatre beds, trolleys, IV fluids, on the ward, outpatient clinic, recovery wards and many others.

The TubeMate clip can be used to secure Yankauer suction tubes, standard catheters, tubing, crimped tubing or suction tip whilst not in use. It is mounted on virtually any universal operating theatre (OT) table railing, to the head of an OT table or patient bed. Essential for any anaesthetist and operating theatre.

Download brochure:

 Brochure TubeMate clip for securing suction tubes, catheters and other tubing (331 KB)

 Brochure Cable Jacketz cord and cable covers (912 KB)

Education material available

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